Tracking various crypto-currencies

Tracking Crypto Currency in Excel

I started putting the following sheet together to get some sanity in this madness. I don’t know what other methods you use (you can tell me about it) but the following started giving me some perspective, of “Where am I?”.

  1. Money (USD etc) transferred INTO your crypto-currency (BTC etc) wallet
  2. Money used to buy your crypto-currency
  3. Balance of your FIAT money (USD etc)
  4. Exchange rate of crypto-currency (BTC etc) w.r.t. your fiat currency, USD etc. (Get the rate, from here or where you purchased it from)
  5. Description of your crypto-transaction (Buy/Sell BTC, Use BTC with merchant etc)
  6. Crypto-currency purchased (Auto-populated from money used and exchange rate)
  7. Amount used for the crypto-transaction (Column F)
  8. Balance of your crypto-currency in your wallet. (Auto)
  9. Balance of your crypto but shown in you base currency. (Auto)
  1. Ethereum coin cost in terms of your base currency USD etc (Auto-derived from ‘E’ and ‘K’)
  2. Amount of Ethereum purchased (Auto-derived from “H” with exchange rate from “K”). Btw, this could have been any other alternate coin, and not just Ethereum
  3. Amount of ETH used to purchase something else (Tokens or other ICOs)
  4. Your Balance of alternate crypto-currency. (Auto)
  5. Your balance of alternate crypto-currency in USD base-currency. (Auto)




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